B.Sc Marine Hospitality Science

Bachelor of Science in Maritime Hospitality Course Details


The program is typically a four-year undergraduate course, divided into semesters.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates should have completed their 10+2 education (or equivalent) with a focus on science or a related field. Some programs may have specific requirements related to maritime studies.

Course Curriculum

Foundation Courses

Introduction to maritime studies, hospitality management, and relevant industry regulations.

Maritime Operations

Understanding the basics of maritime operations, navigation, and safety.

Cruise Industry

Studying the cruise industry's structure, regulations, and dynamics.

Food and Beverage Management

Focusing on hospitality services specific to maritime environments.

Customer Service in Maritime Settings

Developing excellent customer service skills tailored to the maritime industry.

Safety and Emergency Procedures

Training on safety protocols and emergency response in maritime hospitality.

Internship/Practical Training

Hands-on experience through internships or onboard training.


Some programs may offer specializations, such as cruise management, maritime tourism, or maritime event management.

Career Opportunities

Cruise and Maritime Hospitality

Cruise Director/Manager

Overseeing entertainment and activities on cruise ships.

Guest Services Manager

Managing passenger services and satisfaction.

Cruise Event Coordinator

Organizing events and activities during the cruise.

Maritime Operations

Port Operations Manager

Managing operations at ports and terminals.

Maritime Safety Officer

Ensuring safety compliance on ships and at ports.

Food and Beverage Management

Onboard Culinary Manager

Overseeing culinary operations on cruise ships.

Restaurant Manager

Managing onboard restaurants and dining services.

Customer Service

Guest Relations Manager

Ensuring a high level of guest satisfaction and handling guest concerns.

Customer Service Officer

Providing assistance and support to passengers.

Maritime Tourism

Maritime Tour Guide

Guiding passengers on maritime tours and excursions.

Shore Excursion Manager

Organizing and managing shore excursions for passengers.

Event Management

Maritime Event Planner

Planning and coordinating events on cruise ships.

Cruise Wedding Coordinator

Organizing weddings and special events onboard.

Maritime Training and Education

Training Officer

Providing training to cruise staff on safety and hospitality procedures.

Educator/Trainer in Maritime Hospitality

Teaching in maritime hospitality institutes.

Logistics and Operations

Logistics Coordinator

Coordinating logistics for maritime operations.

Supply Chain Manager

Managing supplies and inventory for cruise operations.

Sales and Marketing

Cruise Sales Executive

Promoting cruise packages and services.

Marketing Manager

Implementing marketing strategies for the cruise and maritime industry.


Cruise Business Owner

Starting and managing a cruise-related business.