Course Details


BBA is typically a three-year undergraduate program.


Core Business Subjects

Principles of Management

Basics of organizational management.

Business Communication

Effective communication skills in a business context.

Marketing Management

Fundamentals of marketing strategies and principles.

Financial Accounting

Basics of accounting and financial reporting. Human Resource Management: Principles of HR and organizational behavior.


Depending on the university, students may choose specializations such as finance, marketing, human resources, entrepreneurship, etc.

Internship/Project Work

Many programs include internships, projects, or practical training to provide real-world experience.

Elective Courses

Depending on the institution, students may have the option to choose elective courses based on their interests.

Business Ethics and Law

Understanding legal and ethical considerations in business.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Basics of starting and managing a business.

Business Analytics

Introduction to data analysis for business decision-making.

Strategic Management

Planning and implementing strategies for business success.

Career Opportunities

Management Trainee

Entry-level positions in various management roles.

Marketing Executive

Planning and implementing marketing strategies.

Human Resources Coordinator

Assisting in HR functions such as recruitment and employee relations.

Financial Analyst

Analyzing financial data and trends.

Sales Representative

Selling products or services to clients.

Operations Manager

Overseeing day-to-day business operations.


Starting and managing one's own business.

Business Consultant

Providing advice on business strategies and efficiency.

Financial Planner

Assisting individuals in financial planning.

Supply Chain Manager

Managing the logistics and supply chain processes.

Event Manager

Planning and organizing corporate events.

Data Analyst

Analyzing and interpreting data for business decision-making.

Retail Manager

Managing operations in retail businesses.

Corporate Trainer

Conducting training programs for corporate employees.

International Business Specialist

Dealing with international business transactions.

Public Relations Executive

Managing communication between organizations and the public.

Project Manager

Overseeing and managing business projects.