B.A Economics

Course Details


Typically, the B.A. in Economics is a three-year undergraduate program.


Microeconomics and Macroeconomics

Fundamental principles of economics, including the study of individual economic units and the economy as a whole.

Economic History

Understanding the historical context of economic development.

Quantitative Methods

Introduction to statistical and mathematical tools used in economic analysis.

Public Economics

Study of government policies and their impact on the economy.

International Economics

Analysis of economic interactions between different countries.

Development Economics

Examining issues related to economic growth and development.

Environmental Economics

Understanding the economic impact of environmental issues.

Research Methods

Introduction to research methodologies in economics.


Some programs offer specialized courses in areas such as finance, labor economics, or economic policy.

Internship/Project Work

Some universities may include practical components like internships or research projects.

Career Opportunities

Banking and Finance

Roles in banks, financial institutions, or investment firms.

Government Jobs

Opportunities in government agencies related to economic policy, planning, or finance.

Research Analyst

Conducting economic research for private firms or research organizations.

International Organizations

Working with international bodies like the World Bank, IMF, or UN.


Opportunities in schools or colleges (after pursuing higher education).


Economic consulting for private companies or public policy organizations.

Nonprofit Sector

Working with NGOs on economic development projects.

Market Research

Analyzing economic trends for market research firms.

Environmental Analyst

Analyzing the economic impact of environmental policies.


Starting a business or working in a startup with an economic focus.

Policy Analysis

Analyzing economic data to inform policy decisions.

Data Analysis

Using economic data for analysis in various sectors.