A Master of Commerce (MCom) is a postgraduate program that focuses on advanced studies in commerce and related subjects. It is designed to provide students with in-depth knowledge and skills in areas such as accounting, finance, economics, business management, and marketing. Here are the general details of MCom course and potential career opportunities

MCom Course Details


The MCom program is typically a two-year course, divided into semesters.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates should have a bachelor's degree in commerce or a related field from a recognized university.

Course Curriculum

Core Subjects

Advanced studies in areas like accounting, finance, economics, business law, and organizational behavior.

Elective Subjects

Specialized courses in fields such as taxation, marketing, human resource management, international business, and entrepreneurship.

Research Component

Some programs may include a research project or dissertation.

Career Opportunities

Accounting and Finance

Chartered Accountant (CA)

Undertaking financial audits and providing financial advice.

Certified Management Accountant (CMA)

Analyzing financial information for strategic planning.

Financial Analyst

Evaluating financial data and trends to advise on business decisions.

Treasury Manager

Managing an organization's financial assets and liabilities.

Banking and Financial Services

Bank Manager

Overseeing banking operations and customer service.

Investment Banker

Advising clients on financial strategies for investments and mergers.


Management Consultant

Providing advice on business strategy, operations, and management.

Tax Consultant

Advising on tax-related matters for individuals and businesses.

Marketing and Sales

Marketing Manager

Developing and implementing marketing strategies.

Sales Manager

Leading and managing sales teams.

Human Resource Management

HR Manager

Overseeing human resource functions such as recruitment, training, and performance management.


Entrepreneur/Small Business Owner

Starting and managing one's own business.

Business Consultant

Offering advice and guidance to startups and small businesses.

International Business

International Business Manager

Managing business operations in a global context.

Export-Import Manager

Overseeing international trade activities.

Research and Academia


Conducting research in commerce-related fields.


Teaching at universities and educational institutions.

Government Jobs

Civil Services

Roles in government departments related to finance, commerce, and economic planning.


Insurance Manager

Overseeing insurance operations and risk management.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Manager

Managing the flow of goods and services from production to consumption.

Information Technology (IT) Management

IT Manager

Overseeing IT infrastructure and systems within an organization.

Nonprofit and NGO Sector

Program Manager

Overseeing programs and projects in nonprofit organizations.

Real Estate and Property Management

Real Estate Manager

Managing and overseeing real estate properties.

Public Relations (PR) and Corporate Communications

PR Manager

Managing communication strategies and public relations for organizations.