Course Details


B.Com is typically a three-year undergraduate program.


Core Subjects


Principles of financial accounting and management accounting.

Business Law

Fundamental legal principles related to business.


Microeconomics and macroeconomics.

Business Mathematics and Statistics

Basic mathematical and statistical tools used in business.


B.Com offers various specializations, such as


Financial management, investment analysis, and risk management.


Principles of marketing, advertising, and consumer behavior.

Human Resource Management

HR principles, organizational behavior, and labor laws.

Information Technology

Basics of IT, business information systems.

Elective Courses

Depending on the university, students may choose elective courses in areas like entrepreneurship, international business, taxation, etc.

Internship/Project Work

Many programs include internships, projects, or practical training to provide real-world experience.

Career Opportunities


Handling financial records, preparing statements, and ensuring compliance.

Financial Analyst

Analyzing financial data, trends, and making investment recommendations.


Reviewing financial statements for accuracy and compliance.

Tax Consultant

Advising individuals or businesses on tax-related matters.

Business Consultant

Providing advice on business strategies, efficiency, and problem-solving.

Marketing Executive

Planning and implementing marketing strategies for products or services.

Human Resource Manager

Managing HR functions, recruitment, and employee relations.


Starting and managing one's own business.

Banking and Finance

Roles in banking, investment, and financial services.

Insurance Agent/Broker

Selling insurance policies and assisting clients with risk management.

Stock Broker

Buying and selling stocks on behalf of clients.

Supply Chain Manager

Overseeing the logistics and supply chain processes.

Retail Manager

Managing operations in retail businesses.

IT Consultant

Advising businesses on IT strategies and systems.

Government Jobs

Various government positions in finance, administration, and taxation.

Data Analyst

Analyzing and interpreting data for business decision-making.

Corporate Secretary

Handling regulatory and compliance issues in a company.

Event Management

Planning and organizing corporate events.


Teaching commerce subjects at schools or colleges.

Customer Relations Manager

Managing customer relationships and satisfaction.