B.Sc Mathematics

Course Details


Typically, BSc Mathematics is a three-year program, but the duration may vary depending on the country and university.


Core Mathematics Courses


Differential and Integral Calculus.


Abstract and Linear Algebra.

Real Analysis

Rigorous study of real numbers and functions.

Complex Analysis

Study of complex numbers and functions.

Applied Mathematics

Differential Equations

Study of ordinary and partial differential equations.

Numerical Analysis

Methods for solving mathematical problems using numerical methods.

Mathematical Modeling

Applying mathematical concepts to real-world situations.


Probability Theory

Study of randomness and uncertainty.

Mathematical Statistics

Analyzing and interpreting data using statistical methods.

Geometry and Topology


Study of shapes, sizes, properties, and dimensions.


Study of spatial properties that are preserved under continuous transformations.

Optional Electives

Number Theory, Graph Theory, Operations Research, etc.

Computer Science

Introduction to Programming: Often includes programming languages like Python, MATLAB, or C++.

Algorithm Analysis

Studying the efficiency of algorithms.

Internship/Project Work

Some programs may include practical components such as internships, projects, or research work.

Career Opportunities


Teaching at the school or college level. Further studies (MSc, PhD) may be required for higher education positions.

Actuarial Science

Assessing and managing risk in insurance, finance, and pension sectors.

Data Analysis and Statistics


Analyzing and interpreting data for various industries.

Data Analyst

Extracting meaningful insights from large datasets.

Operations Research Analyst

Applying mathematical methods to decision-making and problem-solving in organizations.


Developing and analyzing algorithms for secure communication.

Financial Analyst

Analyzing financial data and trends for investment decisions.

Software Development

Utilizing mathematical algorithms in software development.

Teaching and Education

Curriculum development, educational consulting, and educational technology.

Market Research Analyst

Analyzing market trends and consumer behavior.

Government Jobs

Opportunities in various government sectors that require analytical skills.


Applied mathematics in engineering fields like civil, mechanical, or electrical engineering.

Scientific Research

Contributing to research in areas like physics, biology, or computer science.


Providing mathematical consulting services to businesses and industries.

Risk Management Analyst

Assessing and managing financial risks for businesses.