B.Sc Chemistry

Course Details


BSc Chemistry is a three-year program.


Inorganic Chemistry

Study of inorganic compounds and elements.

Organic Chemistry

Exploration of organic compounds and their reactions.

Physical Chemistry

Application of physical principles to chemical systems.

Analytical Chemistry

Techniques for analyzing the composition of substances.


Study of chemical processes within living organisms.

Industrial Chemistry

Application of chemistry principles in industrial processes.

Environmental Chemistry

Examination of chemical processes in the environment.

Polymer Chemistry

Study of polymers and their properties.

Laboratory Work

Hands-on experiments and practical work to reinforce theoretical concepts.

Internship/Project Work

Some programs include internships or research projects.

Career Opportunities

Research and Development

Research Scientist

Conducting experiments and contributing to scientific advancements.

Laboratory Technician

Performing experiments and assisting in research projects.



At the school or college level. A postgraduate degree (MSc, PhD) may be required for higher education positions.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Scientist

Developing and testing new drugs.

Quality Control Analyst

Ensuring the quality of pharmaceutical products.

Chemical Industry

Chemical Analyst

Analyzing raw materials and finished products.

Process Chemist

Improving and optimizing chemical manufacturing processes.

Environmental Science

Environmental Chemist

Studying the impact of chemicals on the environment.

Waste Management Specialist

Managing the disposal of chemical waste.

Food and Beverage Industry

Food Technologist

Developing and testing new food products.

Quality Assurance Analyst

Ensuring the quality of food products.

Oil and Gas Industry

Petroleum Chemist

Analyzing and testing petroleum products.

Corrosion Analyst

Studying the impact of chemicals on pipelines and equipment.

Cosmetics and Personal Care Industry

Cosmetic Chemist

Formulating and testing cosmetic products.



Applying chemical principles in biotechnological processes.

Forensic Science

Forensic Chemist

Analyzing evidence in criminal investigations.

Materials Science

Materials Scientist

Studying the properties and applications of materials.

Technical Writing and Science Journalism

Science Writer/Journalist

Communicating scientific concepts to the public.



Establishing ventures related to chemical products or services.