B.Sc Physics

Course Details


Typically, BSc Physics is a three-year program.


Classical Mechanics

Study of motion and forces in classical physics.


Principles of electricity and magnetism.

Quantum Mechanics

Introduction to the principles of quantum physics.

Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics

Study of heat, temperature, and statistical mechanics.


Properties and behavior of light.

Nuclear Physics

Study of atomic and nuclear structure.

Mathematical Physics

Application of mathematical methods in physics.

Experimental Physics

Practical laboratory work to reinforce theoretical concepts.


Basics of electronic circuits and devices.

Internship/Project Work

Some programs include hands-on research projects or internships.

Career Opportunities

Research and Development

Research Scientist

Conducting experiments and contributing to scientific advancements.

Laboratory Technician

Assisting in experimental work in laboratories.



At the school or college level. A postgraduate degree (MSc, PhD) may be required for higher education positions.

Engineering Analyst

Applying physics principles in various engineering fields.

Electronics Engineer

Working on the design and development of electronic systems.

Information Technology

Data Analyst

Analyzing and interpreting data using statistical methods.

Software Developer

Utilizing analytical and problem-solving skills in software development.

Medical Physics

Medical Physicist

Ensuring the safe and effective use of radiation in medical procedures.

Astronomy and Astrophysics


Studying celestial bodies and phenomena.


Investigating the physical properties of celestial objects.

Environmental Science

Environmental Scientist

Analyzing and interpreting environmental data.

Government Jobs

Scientific Officer

In government research institutions or laboratories.

Defence Services

Opportunities in defense-related research and development.

Energy Sector

Energy Analyst

Analyzing and optimizing energy systems.

Renewable Energy Specialist

Focusing on sustainable energy solutions.


Telecommunications Engineer

Designing and maintaining telecommunications systems.

Material Science

Materials Scientist

Studying the properties and applications of materials.

Finance and Banking

Quantitative Analyst

Applying mathematical and statistical models to financial markets.

Space Research Organizations

Space Scientist

Contributing to space exploration and research.

Technical Writing and Science Journalism

Science Writer/Journalist

Communicating scientific concepts to the public.



Establishing ventures related to technology or physics applications.