B.A History

Course Details


Typically, the B.A. in History is a three-year undergraduate program.


Core History Courses

These cover various periods and regions, including ancient, medieval, and modern history.

Specialized Topics

Some programs offer courses focusing on specific historical events, cultures, or themes.

Research Methodologies

Introduction to research methods in historical studies.


Understanding the methods and perspectives of historical writing.


Depending on the program, students may have the opportunity to choose electives in related fields such as archaeology, art history, or political science.


Some programs may offer electives in areas like drama, film studies, or comparative literature.

Internship/Project Work

Some programs may include practical components like internships or research projects.

Career Opportunities


Opportunities in school-level teaching, private tutoring, or higher education with additional qualifications (M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.).

Historical Research

Working as a historian, conducting research in archives, libraries, or museums.

Archives and Museums

Curatorial positions in museums, archives, or cultural institutions.

Heritage Management

Preserving and managing historical sites and heritage properties.

Tourism Industry

Historical tour guiding and heritage tourism.

Journalism and Writing

Historical journalism, writing for historical publications, or becoming a historical author.

Civil Services

Appearing for civil services exams with history as an optional subject.

Cultural Resource Management

Working to manage and protect cultural resources.

Public Relations

Engaging in PR activities for historical sites, museums, or cultural organizations.


Working in libraries with a focus on historical resources.

Media and Film Industry

Historical consulting for films, documentaries, or TV programs.

Policy Analysis

Analyzing historical trends for policy research and analysis.

Nonprofit Sector

Working in historical preservation or advocacy organizations.


Pursuing further studies for a career in archaeology.